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HOTEBIKE A6AH26 Electric mountain bike 26 inch 350W motor 36V hidden battery

HOTEBIKE A6AH26 Electric mountain bike 26 inch 350W motor 36V hidden battery

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electric bikes often called e-bikes are conventional bicycles but with a rechargeable battery as well as a motor to help move you along, taking some of the efforts out of pedaling. An electric bike provides the chance to explore from a whole new perspective. The good electric bikes in the globe come with the chance to speed up your commute and cycle around your local place and beyond without breaking a sweat. An e-bike may open up all types of possibilities. Today, you can even find a few of the good electric bikes under $1,099. Distances that can have previously seemed difficult to become simple with an e-bike. A lot of 2020 electric bikes come having high-rise handlebars that let you for tackling any type of terrain or go off-road without having to swap wheels. There are so several reasons to invest in an electric bike this year.  Obviously, it is a far more sustainable choice to get around. Plenty of people are opting for electric bikes in urban places to do their bit for climate change. Swapping from four wheels to two is a simple way to do that.

Here is the best electric bikes on the market. A6AH26 electric mountain bike

A6AH26 Specifications:

36V350W Brushless Gears Motor

Multifunction LCD Display

Hidden Quick Release Battery 36V10AH

New design Aluminum Alloy Frame

SHIMANO 21 speed gears

Suspension aluminium alloy front fork

Front and rear 160 disc brake

3W LED headlight with USB mobile phone charging port

Charging time: 4-6 hours

Weight: 21 kg (46 lb)

electric mountain bike

A smooth and quiet ride is what you will get from the Priority Embark electric bikes Much like several other bikes produced by the brand, the concentrate is on ease of riding as well as low maintenance while offering a high-quality journey and a sleek look.  The Embark is a sporty e-bike that combines aspects from a electric mountain bike or a bike of commuter. It is the best all-rounder that feels light when accelerating and is simple to peddle, even when doing most of the manual work. The frame is made of Hyfromed aluminum tubing, making it a sturdy option without being too heavy. Its central motor position lets for simple balancing and provides a low center of gravity. It comes in three different size options: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, or a 29 inches wheel size making it a satisfying choice that is comfortable for several riders. It is possible to ride this e-bike in 2 different styles: comfort and performance. The latter provides a longer stem for a more effective riding experience while the former has an extra comfortable and upright stem, suitable for shorter distances. A6AH26 is the best sell electric mountain bike,It has 4 different levels of pedal help and can hit speeds of up to 20mph.

How do I Convert my Mountain Bike to an Electric Bike

What is different from electric bike and the mountain bike,can i make a mountain bike to and electric bike?

of course we can do it very easy.

How to do it?

1.we have a mountain bike.

2.we need to put the electric bike kit on the bicycle.

3.so we need to take the rear wheel out and install the electric motor instead the rear wheel.

we can choose 250w 350w 500w 750w and other suitable motor power.

electric bike kit

4.install the real wheel,and Then adjust the transmission system of the rear wheels.The most commonly used is Shimano accessories.




The most commonly used is shimano 21-27 gears.This is a common configuration for electric mountain bikes, and most people like to use it this way, which makes climbing more powerful.

5.The next step is to install the electronic control system. Battery,controller,display,brake,Various functional circuit wires.This will be easy. Shuangye Company has a special electric car modification, which can work normally after installing it according to the drawings. If you need to install video, you can contact customer service.

electric mountain bikes

6.Of course, after wiring the circuit, we can start to test whether the motor is working properly.

This is the main step to convert my mountain bike to an electric bike. If you are interested, you can contact us. We have various solutions.

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